158 medical appointments. 4 major surgeries. 326 sessions of speech therapy. 4 sets of ear tubes.

Kids like Joseph have long journeys ahead of them.  They are counting on caring people like you to help them receive the care they need to restore their brightest smile!

As a medical provider, I’ve seen firsthand the miraculous restoration of hundreds of kids affected by cleft and craniofacial conditions. It’s familiar to me, but for a new parent this kind of diagnosis is overwhelming and heartbreaking.

I still remember Joseph as an infant when we started 4 months of weekly visits to mold his jaw and nose into a better position, so his first surgery to repair the lip could be as successful as possible. Then he had his second surgery at 12 months of age to close the palate. This was really just the beginning.

Joseph is now 10 years old and he has 10 more years of treatment.  He just got his first set of braces off this month after having a bone graft surgery to repair his gum line, and may endure further surgery and orthodontics before his high school graduation.

People like you can make this possible for Joseph!

Smile Oregon is committed to providing the financial resources to kids who otherwise would not have necessary and timely coordinated treatments to fully restore their smiles. Just like Joseph, each year 100 babies are born with a cleft or craniofacial condition right here in Oregon. You can contribute to the coordinated care of local children, ensuring their brightest smile with your $40 gift!

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