The day finally arrived–Jen’s 20-week appointment, the day she would get to “meet” her third child via ultrasound. Hand in hand, Jen and her husband walked together into the crowded, cold waiting room. After waiting anxiously, it was finally their turn.

The sweet ultrasound technician walked them to their room, sharing in their excitement. The cold jelly splatted across her round belly. The ultrasound tech’s chatty, friendly talk became subdued. Her wand slowed. Jen’s heart accelerated. Palms sweaty. Then the tech said, “I will be right back.”

It felt like hours. Jen knew. Her husband remained calm and optimistic, but Jen’s excitement had turned to worry. Her suspicions were confirmed.

She was no stranger to cleft lip and palate, with two family members impacted by the condition. Still, this couldn’t prepare her for the road ahead.

Shock. Uncertainty. Fear. Grief.

What would the future hold for her baby boy?

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